Ordering Details:

Minimum Order:  $250.00 minimum

Credit Cards Accepted: All major credit cards accepted.

Standard Credit Terms:  10% – Ten (10) days, Net – 30 days

Remit to Address for Checks:     Thorndike Corporation

680 North Bedford Street

East Bridgewater, MA 02333

Wire Transfers and ACH Payments:  Contact Thorndike Corporation at


Standard Shipping Terms:  FOB Origin/East Bridgewater, MA USA

COC’s:  Provided with each order

RMA’s:  Contact Thorndike Corporation at Sherry@thorndikecorp.com

Cage Code:  4A536

NAICS:  334419

Warranty of Parts Policy

Standard 60 day right to return and Warranty

Thorndike Corporation warrants all of our products against manufacturing and material defects for a period of 60 days from the date of shipment. Our products are fully inspected to conformance to all purchase order requirements at the time of shipping. If prolonged storage, non-use, or delays with incoming inspection at your facility beyond this time determine that you find discrepancies with our products, we may at our discretion refuse the return or invoke a restocking, retesting, or re-evaluation charge to research the purchase order, your discrepancy, and the job details. Absorbing products supplied by Thorndike are batch sensitive resulting in time-date correlation. Products not used or inspected by customers within this reasonable time could be subject to environmental changes beyond our control as well as replacement of raw materials being currently used in our facility. This process requires a more exhaustive paperwork research to quantify the product and batch number used in your specific product. To avoid these charges and delays, we suggest you thoroughly inspect all products within 60 days of receipt and contact us immediately if you find any defective requirement noted on the drawing or purchase order.